James McNair

James McNair


Meet James McNair, one of our awesome teachers here at Fazio's Music. James recently earned his Bachelors in Music Education, studying jazz piano at the University of Illinois. He is a fourth generation fiddler, and continues to search for unique musical homes for the violin in music, including a bluegrass group, Irish jam session group, jazz combo, and a string pop ensemble which he's been a part of through his contacts at U of I. James has played piano since 1st grade and whether playing for a wedding or doing his best Bill Evans impression at a combo gig, he enjoys challenging his playing in a fun and creative way. Finally, James is a guitar apprentice to Andy McKee, Joe Satriani, and Jon Gomm. Percussive Fingerstyle and 80s Rock are simultaneously the coolest and most intimidating musical pursuits James has encountered, and I loves those genres!

When not jamming on a loop or teaching music, you'll find James at a local park throwing a round of disc golf 7 over par, playing tabletop games like Scythe, Takenoko, or Betrayal at House on the Hill, at home learning music production and recording, or lying awake at night wondering if the e’s in “bee” are silent or not.

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